Burst Soda Syrup – Nano Indica 30mg


Nanoized cannabis has undergone a scientific process that packages THC and CBD into super tiny particles that are soluble in water. Nanoized CBD and THC are more bioavailable and can be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than traditional edibles.

1 packet contains: 30mg THC


What are the benefits of Burst Soda Syrups?

  • Fast onset time – expect to feel effects in as little as 20 mins
  • Double the potency of other edibles so you can take less and feel more
  • Incognito – Burst packets offer a more discreet method of consumption, in comparison to smoking a joint or eating an edible
  • You can add syrups to any drink to boost flavour and add Nano THC or CBD, we recommend mixing with a can of soda water to start so that you can experience the full flavour profile.
  • All syrups are Lab tested for purity and potency – this ensures you can count on the advertised dosing every time
  • Burst Soda syrups are offered in two flavours, Strawberry & Lemonade and are always made with organic sugars and natural flavours and colors
IngredientsGlucose, glycerin, sugar, natural flavours, cannabis, citric acid, natural colour
DirectionsAdd one packet of Burst to 355 mL of water or sparkling water – effects can be felt in as little as 20 minutes.
Flavours30mg Strawberry, 30mg Lemonade


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