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A new way to microdose.

Pacific Sun Fungi created Rooted in Love to add a bit of sparkle to your mushroom health journey. These 250mg chocolates are made using only vegan and organic ingredients to maintain maximum health benefits even in these tasty treats! These chocolates contain a strain of mushrooms called “Penis Envy”, which is stronger than the Golden Teacher mushrooms you find in their usual microdosing capsules. “Penis Envy” mushrooms are more visual, as this will help you dive deeper and connect with yourself along the nature around you at a whole new level.

The additional organic Maca to help boost mood, memory and energy to balance with these amazing mushrooms.

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To Use: Start slow, and begin with half or one full chocolate depending on your tolerance. After that, your dose and journey are up to you!

Ingredients (per chocolate, 4 chocolates per pack): 250mg Psilocybin**, 100mg Maca*, Cacao Mass*, Cacao Powder*, Cane Sugar*.

* Certified Organic
** Cultivated with love!

3 reviews for Rooted in Love – Pacific Sun Fungi

  1. James Cooney (verified owner)

    Did the full package and it was a fun night!

  2. Robin Shaw (verified owner)

    I am happy with them. I do find them to be a mix of potency but maybe thats just me.

  3. Laurence Morin (verified owner)

    It wasn’t a microdose at all for me … :/ make sure you are in a safe space before eating a chocolate… better start with a tiny bit of them instead of a full one..

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